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Sober October- Day 28: Feeling Loved

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I am having the best weekend ever! I went to Villamartin yesterday to visit friends of mine, and it has been such a treat. I woke up this morning and meditated outside overlooking beautiful mountains and basking in the warmest of autumn sunshine. That was followed by an amazing rocket III practice. I am finding inner balance in my handstand and the process has been so amazing. Actually, scratch that, I am finding inner balance period. And the result is that I am feeling more balance in my handstands :) Not having alcohol in over a month (I actually hadn't drunk in a week before starting sober October) has not been a big deal (as I said before I do it every so often) but I definitely think that it has been very supportive of the shift that is happening within me. I feel very grounded and light and centred and loved.

I sent the flyer for the retreat that Tommy and I are organising over WhatsApp and the response has been so heart-warming; So much support and love from everyone, I feel very moved. I obviously want the retreat to happen but the process (just like my handstand practice) has been so much fun. I love being creative and this retreat is all about being creative and trusting in myself and the process of transformation, being positive and loving and magical! It feels so good inside :D Wow, cheesy or what?!

#InnerBalance #UpsideDownLove #Handstands #Consistency #Trust #Love #Friendship

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