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Letting Go To Let In

Updated: Apr 18

This has been the theme for the entire month of December for me; I have been clearing out just about every area of my life in a process of letting go of all the things which I no longer need nor want, so that I can make space for all the possibilities that 2024 has in store.

I go through this process regularly throughout the year, but I think transitions such as passing of seasons and years carry that kind of energy: letting go to let in. I've made space in my wardrobe – not so much to invite new articles of clothing, just to make space :) –, I've cleared out papers relating to events from the past and for which there is no longer any use. This month I have also cleared out my phone, this is actually a new thing for me this year; I have previously done a light clear-out of numbers that I do not use, though this year I went through a conscious clearing out of people with whom there has been no contact (both on my part and the other party involved). I feel the need to also let go of people who I either do not really have a strong connection with or simply with whom the relationship has ran its course. In the same way I see no use in hanging on to clothes I haven't worn in years, I see no use in holding on to contacts/numbers other than creating more clutter. I want to invite new connections and relationships in 2024, and this is a means to create a different energy field around me. After all, I carry my phone almost everywhere I go because it holds information that I use daily, and this device possesses its own magnetic field, one that is not to be underestimated. I want it to be as free as possible of information that no longer have any use.

I feel deeply within myself that 2024 is a year of important change for me and that this change requires powerful decisions and actions, both symbolically and physically.

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