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"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."
- Zen proverb

Raphaëlle Romana

Raphaëlle Romana

Holistic Wellness Nomad

My classes have an emphasis on alignment and focus on breath(ing), offering hands-on adjustments when needed, to provide a safe environment and to encourage practitioners to steadily develop their practice by cultivating self-awareness and acceptance.

As I continue to integrate yoga and holistic therapies in my personal and professional life, I am also taking the steps to expand my long-standing love of languages and linguistics towards a professional career.

I am very passionate about everything to do with health, movement and well-being in general and this website is a place to share my passion and knowledge in order to inspire others to improve their overall well-being by believing in their own power and trust in their intuition. 

Yoga Classes
Breathing Techniques

Athletic and inquisitive from a young age, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in constant movement; either involved in physical activity, learning a new sport or in search of adventures (as a way to channel a lot of energy in and out of my body and mind). This character trait has stayed with me to this day through another love of mine: travel. For the past 25 years I have travelled and lived in different parts of the world, all the while blossoming as a yoga practitioner and facilitator – which eventually led to a certification with It's Yoga International as a teacher trainer in 2018.


The practice of yoga came into my life as I entered independent adult life and has accompanied me through every milestone since then. What started as a desire to learn a new physical exercise became a lifestyle, moving and breathing in and out of everything life sent my way. My first yoga class felt like a homecoming: it opened the door to the more subtle parts of myself that, up until then, had been unexplored or misunderstood. I became more and more attuned to and interested in the functioning of my body as a whole: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and beyond. I started to explore, study and sometimes certify in various holistic therapies such as massage therapy, Reiki and sound healing. In my search for adventure and a healthy lifestyle, I also learned English and Spanish.

Teacher Trainer

After 10 years of practice, learning about various branches of yoga and under the guidance of a dear friend, I applied for my first yoga training. The course, which lasted 7 months, took me on a journey of self-healing and transformation, helping me process and navigate my way out of a period of grief and depression. Even upon completion, I had no intention to become a “yoga teacher”... Nevertheless, the feeling of joy and gratitude I was filled with after guiding my first class was too strong to deny, and I knew there and then that I would facilitate yoga for a long time to come.

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