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Portugal Magic (again), The Joy of Travel

I finally got to travel again, after a year without. Not only that, I returned to Portugal. I love that country so much: its landscapes, the ocean, the people, the chilled vibe, the amazing food... I had planned to move there in 2021, but I've had to continually extend my stay in France due to family stuff. Anyway, I'm still very much fostering this want. I have now decided to spend winter in France, this should hopefully be enough time to finish everything I need to organise before leaving. I'm not happy about spending another winter here (a cold country on top of it all), but Spring is a wonderful season for me. Being a Spring baby, I feel the most creative and productive during that season. Therefore, I though it would be a wise (I use this word, because I would leave yesterday if it really was up to me :D) decision to stay put for now, and suck it up. In the meantime, I was fortunate enough to spend ten magical days in one of my favourite spots.

It was so invigorating to see, feel and hear the ocean again. Living by the sea or close to a body of water has been a recurring theme all my life, and now I want it to be something constant and long-lasting.

The sea, its air and the sun are the most healing elements for my body, soul, mind and spirit.

I surfed again, for the first time in an year, went for refreshing morning and sunset swims. The sea is such a vast and mysterious environment; I think that is why I love it so much. I feel so small when I am in it, yet safe and supported, in owe of its immensity and its beauty.

I am so grateful for the time I had there, it was a welcome (and beyond needed) break from the almost continuous ball of stress that this past year has been. I had missed travelling so badly, such a blessing. I can't imagine my life without it.