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Birthday Season: Portugal & Vipassana

It is that time again: my birthday!! In two days I will turn 45, and I decided that I wanted to celebrate it in an usual way this year, or special way would be better said. I thought about doing an ayahuasca ceremony (I've been wanting to do one for a long time) but I would like to have the experience in South America if possible. There are so many places offering ayahuasca in Europe, and many are taking advantage that everybody and their mother want to do it and some unfortunately are just out to make money. When the time comes (and maybe it will not), I want to research it in depth and find a place I feel is genuine in its intention.

Anyway, that is for another time, instead it came that I wanted to do a ten days vipassana. I will write a blog about my experience after my return. For now, I am in Portugal. I arrived over a week ago, to spend time on my own, recharge and soak in the healing energies of the sea, land and sun. I just love this country so much.

#Portugallove #Travellover #Adventurer #Naturalhealing

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