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"To speak another language is to possess another soul"
- Charlemagne

Linguistic Services: Translation/Proofreading/Editing



Travel, culture and languages have been key elements of my life for a very long time. My first spoken words were in English :).

Guided by an adventurous spirit, I always felt a deep yearning for (self) discovery, longing to explore the world and everything it had to offer.


I took German as a second language in high school and discovered then that I had an ear for languages. I spoke German fluently until I took English as a third language two years later, and fell in love with the language and the culture immediately. Latin was then to follow in College. I completed one year at university in English and American Culture and Literature, thinking that we would get to spend some time in the UK, as part of the curriculum. When I realized this would not be the case, I took a summer job as an au-pair in England. What started as a seasonal job turned into 7 years of studying and working in the UK, completely immersed in the language and the culture of a very rich country. And after 18 years in English-speaking countries including England, the United States, Ireland and Australia, I moved to Seville, Spain where I learned Spanish more or less from scratch – once again immersing myself in a different culture.


The ability to speak three languages has been a great asset in my professional career as a yoga facilitator: I guide classes in French, English and Spanish; this is a great asset in terms of reaching out and connecting to a wider audience both in studios and on other platforms.


Within the yoga industry I have edited and translated yoga manuals both for my personal growth (I had to learn the Bikram yoga dialogue in English, Spanish and then French upon my return to France in 2020) and as part of improving the yoga material offered in trainings.

I also translated my website in English and Spanish, and proofread and edited all the content to insure the integrity of my vision, objective and mission across all three languages.


I now want to pursue and expand my love and knowledge of languages into a professional career in the field of linguistics. I am looking for opportunities to apply and expand the linguistics skills I have acquired during my extensive travels and time living abroad within a professional setting, ideally as a translator, proofreader and/or editor – preferably in relation to wellness and fitness, but I am open to all opportunities. My objective is to combine my existing knowledge and skills, challenge myself with new projects, and keep learning while being creative.


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