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"In the darkest of places I have let myself be broken,

And in the brightest of light I have let my broken self be seen.

In that light I have let go of my fears,

In that light I let my true self shine"

- Raphaëlle Romana

Meet Raphaëlle

Your Holistic Wellness Guide and Globetrotter

Yoga Instructor & Teacher Trainer

Holistic Health Advocate

Nomadic Spirit & Multilingual Explorer

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With over two decades of dedication to the study of yoga, her practice has flourished alongside her extensive global travels. She is certified in multiple yoga styles and continuously participates in workshops and trainings to further solidify her expertise and expand her knowledge. She is a certified teacher trainer since 2018. Above all, the practice of yoga acts as a means to understand the holistic interconnectedness of the body, emotions, spirit, and...

With comprehensive training and expertise in holistic massage therapy, Raphaëlle's journey began in 2013 and has continued to evolve through ongoing professional development. Her curiosity for the body's capacity to heal itself has led her to explore various holistic therapies, adding depth to her holistic approach. So far she has certified in massage therapy, Tibetans and quartz bowls therapy and Reiki.

Embark on a transformative journey through the movement of life with global insights. For 25 years, Raphaëlle has blended athleticism, global exploration, and yoga, becoming a certified teacher trainer. Explore her classes emphasizing alignment, breath, and self-awareness and join her in a voyage of inspiration and self-discovery, exploring health, movement, and well-being. Start your transformative journey now...

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See what my clients have said


Online classes with Raphaëlle are the next best thing short of being in her class in person. I have taken her classes since 2017 including a 200hr teacher training and I have taken private online classes about twice a week during corona. To say that Raphaëlle is gifted would not do justice to the fact that her knowledge clearly comes from experience, of which she has plenty. She knows her anatomy- that of the body, the mind and soul, how to link them together, allowing strength, openness and freedom to emerge breath by breath. She inspires me on and off the mat- to be gentle and playful, as well as having focus and determination. Her presence and classes are a gift I am truly grateful for, and I can only wish for others to experience it for themselves.

Dr Florence Dietrich
(Vienna, Austria)

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