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My 2016 In Books

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I love reading but, because of my job and because I took quite a lot of yoga trainings in the last 15 months, my reading is predominantly about yoga with the odd book I was able to read for entertainment. So here it is:

This first book has been my go to for the second half of 2016 as my meditation practice has been around the chakras.

I picked up Dharma Punx at Marcelo's house when I visited him in Luz in August. Prefaces can be quite boring, but I was hooked after the first page of this book's preface and Marcelo kindly let me take the book with me on my journey back to Seville.

I love this book on mudras (hand gestures which help channel certain energies and improve general health and well-being). It's well-designed and clearly explained. I had been looking for a book on mudras for ages and I highly recommend this one.

This is one of many books on yoga written by Ray Long, and they are all amazingly illustrated. This is the third one I own, and I am already planing on buying the next one.