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My 2022 In Films


Treize Vies - I have to say I was on the edge of my seat for most of this film. Another film I didn't know anything about when I started watching, the fact that it actually happened was just mind-blowing.

Parasite - I didn't know anything about this film or its popularity before viewing it. I guess I agree with the critics: it was good.

Aux Yeux De Tous

Room - I did not know anything about this film when I started watching it, and I sat wondering what was going on as the opening scene unfolded. The kind of film that stays with you for a long time. So many emotions ran through my body. I love those kinds of film, very well done.

Nocturnal Animals - Absolutely brilliant, one of my favourite films of this year. Loved the ending. Very dark.

American Animals - Yet another ´based on true events´ film on this list. I enjoyed the way it was shot, and how they included the real guys into the film. Although perhaps a little pretentious in a way.

Un Petit Boulot - This film was a nice little surprise, I really enjoyed it.


Now that I have cancelled both Netflix and Amazon, my life is so much more fulfilling hahaha I was going to write I do not watch so many TV shows (which is true) but the latter just came to my mind so that is what I wrote. And it is also true. Those platforms are just designed to suck the attention and energy out of us. I'm glad I dont have any of them any more. Having said that, it's cool to see some seriously well-made TV shows from time to time. I just can't binge watch shows on a regular basis anymore.

A Handmaid´s Tale - That was the last TV series I binge watched after getting rid of Amazon prime. I absolutely loved it – that goes without saying, I wouldnt binge watched something I didn't like. I love the cinematography and the soundtrack. I must read the book now.

Dahmer - I definitely did not binge watched that series, but it was really well done. Obviously very dark. I know a lot about the guy because I am one those people who finds serial killers as fascinating as they are scary. I only got to see it because I happened to be staying with a friend of mine who has Netflix.

Squid Game - I won't lie: I very much enjoyed that show. The premise is fascinating. Anything that makes me ask myself what I would do in that situation is always interesing to me. It reminded me of Battle Royale (Very dark but very good film)


Just too many to list here. That's pretty much all I watch these days. One that really stuck with me this year:

The Yin And Yang of Gerry Lopez

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