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My 2021 in Films

Updated: May 1


Richard Says Goodbye


Guava Island

The Wave - I wasn't expecting much, but I got so much more.

Hard Eight

Charlie Says

Snowden - Fascinating and scary.


La Fille Du Train - I loved the book, the film did not disappoint

The Lobster

High-Rise - Dystopian and fucked up, loved it



The Conversation

Hard Eight

The Education Of Fredick Fitzell


Song To Song - I love me some artsy pantsy films, but this was tedious to watch. I felt extremely bored, despite the beautiful film making. (I also tried to watch Knight of Cups and A la Merveille, and just got bored. It's funny because I loved Tree of Life, but I just could not make it through his other films. The imagery is beautiful, but it feels pretentious more than anything else).

10, Cloverfield Avenue - I really loved it, I wasn't aware it was part of the Cloverfield franchise, so everything was surprising. I remember watching the first Cloverfield, thinking it was going to be a pile of crap, but leaving really impressed after seeing it. It stayed with me for a while, I remember that. This chapter was really clever.

Bohemian Rhapsody - It took me ages to finally watch this film, but I got around to it, and it was every bit as good as everyone had told me it would be. Very moving.

Hungry Hearts - Interesting (and unusual) story line, disturbing and uneasy.

The Preppie Connection

Animal Kingdom - I had watched the first 4 seasons of the series before I watched the film, and I am therefore biased because the series is fucking good and 2.allows for a lot more character development - and therefore more attachment to the characters. However, the film is amazing too; it just felt like everything was happening so fast :)

Two Lovers

Hereditary - Really well done, although I was a little disappointed with the ending. Apart for the last 5 mins, I thought it was a brilliant way to explore the subject of grief, family history and family traumas.

Tully - Interesting twist

Blackout Total

Suburbicon - Very dark comedy, love this kind of films


Knock Knock - I love Keanu Reeves, and I hate to not watch a film until the end, but this is absolute crap. He must have needed the money and/or the director knew what he was doing and intended for the story line, the acting and the production to be derision. 99 mins I will never get back.


Into The Dark

Supernatural - I love that series when it first came out, but only saw episodes here and there. Then I found out it went on for 15 seasons, so I decided to watch them all, years after. Delicious

Animal Kingdom - Fucking brilliant

Vikings - So damn good, started binge-watching it for the third time over the holiday season. I noticed details, pieces of dialogues, shots I hadn't noticed before, I love when that happen. This series is just beautifully created, shot, told, constructed. A work of art as far as I am concerned.

Them - Hard to watch, but very well done. It got under my skin and stayed with me for days. Using the terror/horror genre to deal with the subject of racism is (sadly) very fitting.


So many! The Arte YouTube channel is just the most amazing source of endless documentaries. I highly recommend it.

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