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Equilux, Spring Equinox Fast and Aries Season Upon Us

Monday 18.03.2024:

I can never say it enough: I love spring, and I love being an Aries. I used to think that perhaps I just love being an Aries because, well, I was born within that time frame so it is what it is, but it is more than that: I feel a deep connection and resonance to what Aries represent. A lot of people could not care less about their star sign or their birthdate; I love everything about it – the number 13, the energy of the spring and the "good" and the "bad" of an Aries personality. Am I saying I love who I am? Absofuckinglutely. Love is the greatest catalyst and healer of all.

So, here we are, on the cusp of another spring season and, as usual, I can feel the butterflies of creativity and renewal in my belly. To mark this changing of season I am doing a fast (a bit less than 72 hours this time around). I am starting tonight and I will end it on Thursday around lunchtime I think, because of a prior engagement which involves eating :D. I originally was going to start it in conjunction with the equilux after learning that the equilux is the actual day when day and night are the exact same length. I always thought that was the equinox (meaning equal night), but turns out that the equilux (equal light) occurs a few days before the equinox. I will not get into too many details here, but the day of the equilux varies depending on where you find yourself on Earth, and I believed that this would be today. Unfortunately, the equilux was yesterday for me. Anyhow, I am doing a longer fast to welcome the spring equinox and the Aries season, and I am really looking forward to it.

I decided to eat mostly vegan for 30 days leading up to my birthday. I also haven't drunk alcohol or coffee since the 4th of March. I enjoy doing long cleanses (so to speak) from time to time, just as much as I enjoy doing everything in moderation as well. My diet always includes a lot of fresh (and organic, mostly) fruits and veggies, but I already feel lighter and brighter after a week with less animal and dairy products. I have come to realise that my body just likes me to switch things up from time to time, which is why I fast or go through periods of no alcohol or no dairy etc. True to the harmonising essence of the equilux/equinox, I like change and balance in my life.

Tuesday 19.03.2024

Today I am drinking just infusions. I had a great night sleep and woke up feeling energised. Since January I have been going to bed around 9-10pm and I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being and my productivity levels. I like to get up early, but I also tend to go to bed quite late because I usually sleep 6 to 7 hours. Since going to bed a couple of hours earlier, I have been getting up around 5.30am, which has been really great. I love taking my time to wake up in the morning, and the extra time has given me so much more space to do the things I want/need to do, especially at the moment.

Today was smooth, no hunger pains.

Wednesday 20.03.2024: Spring Equinox

I did a beautiful breathing practice this morning; I am taking a breathwork instructor course certification at the moment, so my usual pranayama morning routine has been replaced by the course's lessons for the time being. A lot of the information I know and practise already, but I absolutely love learning and keep certifying. I then listened to a beautiful spring equinox meditation by one of the very few YouTubers I enjoy listening to.

I was busy all day and did not have the time to think about food. My energy levels are high, my mood is joyful and my mind clear. I feel light.

Thursday 21.03.2024

Aries season has officially started! And it is absolutely beautiful outside: blue skies and bright sunshine. I am experiencing those weird hunger pangs that feel like I'm hungry while simultaneously not wanting to eat anything at all. I get those every once in a while – outside a longer fast – ; it is a very strange sensation. Otherwise, I feel OK, I will end my fast in a few hours.

I ended my fast at 1pm in the end, making this fast a 65hrs fast. I ate some homemade coconut yogurt; it was my first time making it using coconut milk and probiotics capsules, and it turned out very good. I had a little bowl of yogurt with tahini just to get my stomach gently back into eating.

I'm going to go for a walk and enjoy the first day of Aries season :D

Sprin Self-portrait


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