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Ajna Chakra

Updated: May 6

Yin/Yang hearts

One of its mantras: I am peace

Third eye chakra: Where all illusion of separation ceases to appear real

Location: Between and just above the eyebrows

Vibration/resonance: KSHAM

Colour: Indigo

Sense: Intuition

Some would argue that intuition is not a sense, and perhaps it isn't. To me, intuition combines all senses with something more subtle to create an inner force and voice which allows me to navigate life in a harmonious way (The vision of myself navigating a boat upon the sea is very peaceful at this moment in time and feels like a good analogy to describe this chakra). Harmony, union, non-discrimination, balance are all terms related to the Ajna chakra. This is the seat of inner wisdom, to listen attentively to what is known while trust in the unknown (or what is yet to be felt). At the level of this chakra, the illusion of dualities and separation ends. And with it, all judgement, struggle, uneasiness, discomfort and unrest. Nothing is affected by time once we tune in to the energy of this chakra.

Physically, we enter a deeper layer of the mind, being able to perceive the world around us beyond what we see with our open eyes. Areas of the body: brain, forehead and eyes.

Yoga poses/practices: Pranayama such as Brahmari (humming bee breath), yoga mudras, meditation, yoga nidra, mindfulness, silent retreats...

Some essential oils to stimulate ajna: carrot seed, grapefruit, myrrh, nutmeg, palo santo, petitgrain, sandalwood...

Ajna mudra: make a fist with the left hand and release the index finger (air) straight, wrap the fingers of the right hand around the left index finger and apply a gentle pressure with the right thumb (fire) against the left index finger.

Ajna mudra


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