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Sober October- Day 26: 34 mins & Being Run Over

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This title is quite funny, well to me anyway :) I did get run over or maybe pushed over is a better turn of phrase since I am still alive and kicking to talk about the event. I was cycling around Seville yesterday and went through some of the old streets (which are all tiny and stone paved) when a car came out of nowhere and well, ran into me. It was quite surreal actually because I tried to veer to the right as I saw the car coming to avoid being run over, but the driver was clearly not looking ahead and kept going. They were not going fast obviously, but I was knocked to the ground and as I laid there I thought that they were not going to stop. They did stop, their front bumper an inch from my body. People ran over as I screamed in shock and fear. The driver was older, and I am honestly not sure if they were fit to drive, but I was in shock myself and unhurt apart from a bruise on my left shin and swelling in the ankle I had sprained a few months back. I thankfully walked away ok although shaken but also very grateful for being healthy and for yoga because I know that it is the daily practise of yoga which is to thank for my body walking away with only a few scratches. That and the fact that I was able to stay calm through the whole thing. Some of the peeps who came to check on me were so irate at the driver; It made me smile as they reacted like they had been run over themselves :) It made me smile because I also know that, once upon a time, I might have lost my shit big time, but I didn't, and I am so grateful for that. It would have been so unnecessary as I know fair well that the driver was not deliberately trying to run me over. It also reminded me that life is very precarious and that every moment is to be cherished...

I have officially reached the 34 mins mark of sun gazing. I am still blown away but the fact that I have been sun gazing for 15 months now. Crazy

#presentmoment #yoga #mindfulness #gratitude #innerpeace #sungazing #lifedeath

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