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Sober October-Day 4

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Asana is not a particular pose, but a state.- Larry Schultz

I must have read this about 15 times until I read it today and my mind was literally blown by the sentence. How fucking beautiful! Excuse my French, but it is exactly what I thought when I read it for the 16th time. (also, I love cursing :D)

And so true; Asanas are super fun to practise and a great way to keep the physical body healthy, but they are also a very small part of the amazing benefits that yoga brings. In the continuous practice of the asanas the mind is also challenged, developed and expanded (like the muscles and the breath) and through this process the practitioner creates and cultivates inner balance; Not just for the duration of the class but, with constant practice, off the mat. A constant state of mind.

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