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Reiki level II Initiation

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I finally took my level II initiation tonight and I feel energised and excited about sharing this new knowledge.

The experience was just as beautiful, if not more, than for the level I. Eva, my teacher, moved outside of Seville last year in a beautiful flat looking over mesmerising fields and therefore thought, for good reasons, that it would be the perfect location to do the initiation. It was only Vicente (another student of Eva) and myself and I felt extremely privileged to share this experience with them both in such a marvellous setting.

Touch is such a powerful sense: connecting, soothing, giving, comforting, loving and healing. It is said that our arms and hands are the extension of our heart centre and, as such, they undoubtedly channel a lot of energy. In both initiations I felt tremendous heat coming from the palms of my hands, it was incredible.

It is such a gift to have received and to now be able to pass on to others.

#reiki #healing

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