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Two Months Without... & Birthday Downer

Updated: May 5

Cigarettes and alcohol. Now it is officially the longest time without alcohol in over 25 years for me. Again, I never drank nor smoke a lot, but the idea of being sober for over 2 months now is somewhat nice. Do I notice big changes in myself? Do I feel very different? No. The highlight of those two months so far: my pearly whites. Apart from that, it's not as overwhelmingly great as I expected it to be. I haven't experienced any withdrawal nor detox symptoms, which would make this sobriety much more eventful and satisfying, I suppose. My relatively low consumption of cigarettes and alcohol prior to stopping means that the transition into sobriety has been very smooth, while also somewhat unnoticeable. For now, I want to keep going, I haven't craved either so far, but I know I will probably smoke again at some point because I do enjoy a cigarette here and there. We'll see.

On another note, my birthday is today. Sadly, I was not in the mood to celebrate it like I usually do every year. I LOVE celebrating myself on this day, giving myself presents and do something fun. This year was super low-key, and therefore a bit of a downer for me. I did spend it in a beautiful spot in nature and, in good company, I guess; however, it was a let-down compared to other years. I will have to celebrate another time, when my life is not as chaotic as it is now and when I feel less exhausted as I do these days.

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