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The Importance Of Listening To & Following My Heart

Updated: May 31

The first time I was introduced to the concept of expressing myself in "I" statements was during my Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & The Rocket teacher training with It's Yoga in 2016. Until then, I had the common tendency to relate stories or articulate ideas in the second person. Of all the takeaways from that training, this tool had the most impact on my life and the way I view myself and the world around me. It took a few weeks to implement – even today, I sometimes self-correct mid-sentence if I hear myself say you while talking about my own experience. But, for the most part, it has become a habit, which is reflected in the narrative style of this blog. I cannot speak of anybody else's experience or wants and needs; I can only share my own story and thoughts, and perhaps it will align with some of you, or it won't. More importantly, I hope it brings some form of reflection upon your thoughts and beliefs.

So, the importance of listening to and following my heart :). Everything I have ever decided – or chose – to do or not do in my life has come from a deep connection to my heart and being attuned to my intuition. The consequences of those choices and decisions may not have been what I expected at the time, but they were all a result of going with my inner guidance – and that is the most important to me. Although it is a trait I value about myself, following my heart is not without its challenges – far from it. I am currently going through a challenging phase in my life because of a decision I made last year which I knew would put my beliefs to the test. A part of me looked forward to – and still now loves – the challenge of the said decision, despite the fact I knew there would be moments of self-doubt and fear. I recently found out that the word courage comes from the Latin word "cor" meaning heart. I thought that was so beautiful, and made so much sense. Of course, to follow my heart is an endeavour. It requires a great deal of trust in the midst of uncertainty.

I am currently sailing in the vast ocean of the unknown, sometimes marvelling at the endless possibilities of the landscape, sometimes wandering when the shore will appear :). Even though I cannot see the shore yet, there are magical moments along the way. One of those moments happened today while I practised The Rocket II sequence with my front door opened. The weather has been beautiful where I am: blue sky and vibrant sunshine. As I stood in samasthiti, about to go into my third round of sun salutations, a butterfly entered the room and landed on my left foot. It stayed there as I looked down in absolute awe. Butterflies are incredible creatures, a symbol of transformation and rebirth. I decided to find out a little more about the meaning of this encounter. I was moved by the interaction because I felt that this was something quite special. This is what I found out, if you ever have (or had) an encounter with a butterfly:



I just stumbled upon this while deleting some photos. A very dear girlfriend asked me to draw a card from a set that she keeps in her car when I visited her last December, and this is the card I picked. I had forgotten about it; it fits very well with this post, and serves as a great reminder for me, and anyone else who needs to read it.

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