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Strangest Yet Best Birthday Ever To Date

Updated: May 6

I love celebrating my birthday, always have. It's one of those things that you are either well into or you are not :). And if you are one of those people who are into it, I find that this tendency to celebrate fades as the years add up :D. I think I will always celebrate it until the day I die, hahaha. I just love this time of year: Spring, new beginnings, new life force and, truth be told, I really love being an Aries – I know, weirdo alert :).

The Floating Unicorn

This year was obviously different in many ways, but I was still determined to celebrate, I just wasn't sure how. Then a week before my actual birthday, I had the idea to have an online costume birthday party. I had bought a costume for the carnival here in March, however, the carnival was cancelled, and I was unable to wear it, so I decided I would use my birthday bash to wear it :D Now the theme for this year's carnival was professions, which is quite a boring theme to be honest, so I jazzed my costume a bit. It was so fun to do because the idea came a few days before my online birthday party. I had bought a Special Forces costume, but I wanted to uplift the mood, so I decided to be in Special Forces Of Love haha I had so much fun being creative with that, and I am well happy as how it came out.

Speacial Forces Costume

Peace & Love

Special Forces Costume

I wasn't sure how the online party would turn out as it was pretty last minute and I had no idea what I was doing haha. But it exceeded all the expectations I didn't have. I told people I would be going live on Instagram if they wanted to stop by and just say hi, and that they could also join zoom if they wanted to see me face to face and interact. The whole experience was so beautiful, the entire month so far, the entire birthday weekend and my actual birthday. My heart is so full of gratitude and love for all the beautiful people in my life.

I knew my birthday weekend was going to be amazing when I was greeted by this, two days before my birthday after coming out of meditation:


Then it continued with a series of events that were just as magical and beautiful leading to my online costume party, which was SO SO SO much fun despite a little stressful beginning. I went to the supermarket 15 mins before the party was supposed to start at 17h and locked myself out of my flat. One of my sweet neighbours, Luis, had to break into the house for me. Upon entering, I realised that my keys were not actually inside lol, but it was 16h57 by that point, so I decided to go ahead with the party anyway and look for my keys later hahaha Priorities!!! But, fear not, my keys were safely waiting for me at the supermarket when I eventually went back there to retrieve them after the party.

Birthday celebration

After my birthday online bash :), I had a couple of friends come over, and it was again a great way to end my weekend and begin my birthday. They came for dinner and were there when the bells rang midnight to April 13th. My actual birthday was spent chilling and just having a great time with myself :D. I am so grateful for the weirdest but wildly enjoyable birthday ever to date. Never stop celebrating you and the people in your life.

Tommy and Marta

Marta & I

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