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Primavera Magia

Updated: May 6

Eyes in Bloom

Hello Spring!

I missed you so dearly,

Even more so this year,

After the longest winter in years.

Welcome new beginnings, transformation and adventures into the unknown!

Like clockwork, I come alive around this time of year. I am a Spring baby, so it is only natural that I would feel this way during this change of season. This feeling is even more potent this year, because I actually went through a proper winter, three months long, freezing temperatures and all...

For the past six years, I was living in Spain, and therefore the concept of winter was just as how I liked it: practically non-existent :). I have said it many times before (maybe not so many times on here) : I am NOT a winter/cold person. I hate the cold, and winter as a season. I was therefore not looking forward to experiencing winter this year, but I made it. It was exactly what I needed. I knew it was before I returned to France; I wanted to get lost in the middle of nowhere for a while and hibernate, so that I could find myself again in this new environment I was so resistant to be in. It has been challenging, on every level, and continues to be. It has also been beautiful, as it always is.

I have given myself so much time in the last six months: I have participated in a multitude of online courses, spent so much time in nature, time with family, soul-searched and self-cared. I am super grateful to have had this time to slow down, learn and reflect upon the direction I want my life to take. Despite the challenges, I have continuously and consciously brought myself back to focusing on what is important to me. I keep on believing that the best is yet to come, even when life takes on the darkest of shades. Resilience is one of the most remarkable quality of human nature. It truly amazes me.

So here we are again, re-birthing and re-discovering all that life has to offer. Exciting times.


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