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Meditation, Love & Authenticity

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I have been meditating and contemplating what and how I wanted to share during this time for a while now. I am not inclined on giving group yoga classes online right now (it just doesn't feel right) but I also wanted to contribute in some way to the healing of our collective consciousness and the world we live in.

Although I am an impulsive and spontaneous person in many areas of my life, I also like to let things come to me organically, and I have used this time indoors to focus on my self-growth by way of practising a lot of yoga, meditating, reading, self-caring and being receptive to my actual wants and needs right now.

Being true to myself is extremely important to me and my well-being and I never do things which do not resonate within me because I know they would not be done whole-heartedly and genuinely, so I sat in meditation and did things I enjoy doing, things which make my heart sing.

Until it finally came to me this morning in meditation :) After watching the beautiful conversation on love between Brian Rose and David Icke last Sunday on, listening to John Lennon's Imagine and drawing from my own heart chakra opening experience, I was inspired to guide meditations focused on the fourth chakra: anahata. When the thought came in my meditation this morning I almost wanted to jump up, I was so excited. It feels so right and good within me, I feel like all the events of the past two years led me to this. It is an incredible feeling, one of complete certainty that I must do this. :D

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