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Let's Start From The End

Updated: May 1

Wow, I haven't written in two months. One, I was busy having a really great time working and enjoying life altogether. And two, that's how long it took to completely restore my broke ass laptop. All good, my laptop and I were supposed to take a break from each other :).

The last four months have been incredibly fulfilling on so many levels. I know I said I would backdate some blogs to fill in the blanks – and I will – but I am beginning from the end I guess: my stay in Seville is coming to an end and I am now preparing to leave Spain to return to France for a few months. It will have been away four months exactly: I left France on the 2nd of April and I am returning this Tuesday, the 2nd of August.

While working in Seville, I stayed with my friend Carole in her beautiful home in the countryside. She has two dogs and two cats and I have spent the last two weeks of my stay looking after her house and everything that it entails (looking after the animals, watering the plants and looking after the house and the land surrounding it) while she and her son Alex went on holiday at the Costa del Sol. It has been such a privilege to have this space to call home for a while.





I will miss those beautiful creatures, the land and the house. I feel invigorated and rejuvenated by the energies of each one of them. I got to wake up to the peaceful sounds of nature (and sometimes human activity, but mostly nature) every morning; returning to the city sounds of Toulouse will definitely need an adjusting period. I am charged up with nature vibes, I should be able to manage. I am ending my time here slowly and mindfully.

Last Thursday was my last day at the studio, and I was supposed to go to Bilbao for a wedding on my way back to Toulouse. The Bilbao plans fell through, but I am happy with how it is planning out: I get to have a mix of alone time and party time (today some friends are coming over to celebrate everything there is to celebrate). I am really looking forward to it. I made a delicious looking plum and pear tart, if I don't mind saying so myself (I don't lol). And tomorrow I get to spend one last morning around Seville and spend the rest of the day chilling with Carole before leaving bright and early Tuesday. Smooth transition.

Pear Tart

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