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Four Years In Meditation

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Life is so beautiful in the way it unfolds. I would never have thought that, one day, I would describe the past 4 years as the most enriching years of my life. I had just come back to Seville after spending almost a year in the south of Spain volunteering in a yoga retreat centre and all I wanted to do was leave Seville :) When I had first got to Seville (at the end of 2014) I was in a very challenging place emotionally and on pretty much every other areas of my being and my life, and I was still carrying a lot of pain and hurt in December 2015.

Four years on, and I look back at the past 5 years (and more specifically the 4 of those in meditation practice) as the most pivotal in my spiritual journey and growth. What I tried to resist and eventually surrendered in the act of sitting in stillness taught me invaluable life lessons and an incredible amount of self-love. Not only that, but I have also shared my meditation practice with others (something which was so personal to me and that I had never contemplated guiding one day) in the past 2 years, something which has been very rewarding and fulfilling.

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