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Updated: May 6

I am ending a three days fast tonight, well, preparing to end it, by eating sugar-free soy yogurt so that I can start to eat again tomorrow morning.

I started fasting about 8 years ago, I don't really remember why I got curious about fasting, but I continue to practice it as I find it has great benefits on my physical body and mental state. There are many ways to fast: only water fasts, juice fasts, smoothies fasts, one day to three days fast or even longer and now the very trendy intermittent fasting. I usually do water fasts (to which I include herbal infusions for added benefits) but I have tried all the above and the effects are all positive, for me. I do believe that fasting is really NOT for everyone.

Every experience is somewhat the same yet different. I felt the call for this fast with the arrival of November, that was followed by a rare blue full moon on Halloween and All Saints' Day. I love change and transitions and the last weekend felt like that, so I decided to start the fast on November 1st. I am now thinking I will follow this with a sober November. My meditations during the fast were guiding me towards doing a sober November, so I guess I should follow my instinct. :) I am cultivating patience as I move away from the physical body as flesh and bone to observe the thoughts and responses attached to not eating.

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