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Dry Fasting... Again

Updated: May 5

Yesterday was my first weekly fast day as a dry fast day. I had originally thought that I wouldn't fast this Friday because I just ended my twelve days fast on Wednesday, so I figured I would wait next week, but I decided that there was no time like the present, and dry fasted yesterday.

It was slightly different to do it away from the extended fast, I felt thirsty towards the end of the day; nothing super intense, yet enough to notice. I can definitely tell that a 24hr dry fast is a lot more cleansing than a 24hr water fast. I'm not saying it's better (I think all kind of fasting brings different things to the table, it really depends on what one wants to get out of if), but the effects are more noticeable.

I felt light and spacious this morning upon waking up, as well as very hungry; it felt like a strong hunger, from deep within. Breakfast was amazing this morning.

So, here we are, weekly fast day will be a dry fast day from now on.

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