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Another Longer Fast

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I finally have found the time and the motivation to do another long fast. I have very little problem keeping my one day a week dry fast or monthly 3 days fast. However, fasting for longer periods of time requires more planning somehow, at least if I still want to enjoy life with friends and family (which I do). Longer fasts also require a fair amount of willpower and drive, and sometimes (at least in the early days) motivation can be the hardest thing to come by.

Day 1 / Tuesday 08.02.2022 9am

So, here I am, 4 months after my last long fast (which had to be cut short, I was going for 15 days, and did 6) and 7 months after the longest fast I have ever done, back for more :). I did not keep to my "fasting with the change of seasons" very strictly last year; hopefully, this year it will be easier to fit in more than two long fasts. I am looking forward to fast for more than three days, and I decided to start this longer fast with three days of dry fasting; straight up like that, I ain't messing around :D. In all seriousness, I felt like having three days of deep healing, which I truly believe, and feel, that dry fasting achieves for my body and my mind.


End of day one. It is usually the most challenging day for me, but today has been pretty smooth sailing: no hunger pains. I also took it very easy today. I stayed at home, it was exactly what I needed. I feel a little tired; I practised yoga at home and did some weight training this afternoon.

Day 2 / Wednesday 09.02.2022 10.15am

I woke up really late this morning, I felt extremely low in energy. To be fair, I am about to have my period, which is usually the time when I have the least energy, so it is not something I am too surprised about. I purposely decided to coincide this fast with my period this time around. I mentioned in another post that I had looked into fasting around my menstrual cycle, and it is believed that fasting for women is more beneficial if it is done during the follicular phase. The worst time, this will come as no surprise to most women, is the time right before the menstruation. I tend to feel sluggish, bloated and uneasy in my physical body, emotionally sensitive and craving just about everything the week leading to my menstruation :) Once I hit the menstrual phase, it is instant: I feel level-headed again, I lose 5 kilos in water that seemed to have taken permanent stay in my body, and I regain the mostly positive outlook l usually have on life (I say mostly because I am also quite cynical at times).


I felt more energised in the afternoon, I did some yoga and some weight training. I still don't feel hungry. I have been watching and reading more about fasting from different sources while I fast. I love to learn about subjects I find fascinating, and it helps me understand the process (and deepen my experience) of fasting and everything I feel on a physical level in scientific and intellectual terms.

I find dry fasting easier than water fasts sometimes, an observation which has been echoed by other fasting practitioners and in some of the research I have done. It actually makes sense; I think water or other liquids stimulate enzymes, which in turn can generate a sensation of hunger. With dry fasting the taste buds are never stimulated, which would explain why hunger pains are less common (at least for me). I'm not a scientist, and I don't claim to know this for sure, but this is what I have been experiencing.

Day 3 / Thursday 10.02.2022 8.28am

This is the longest time I have done dry fasting, I feel really good physically, very light. I can feel myself being fully in autophagy mode. I had a couple of bad pimples before starting the fast and now they are almost gone. The weather has also been really warm and sunny, so I have gotten quite a bit of sun, something which is ALWAYS healing for me. As mentioned MANY times before :), I cannot stand winter time or cold weather. I even got a little tan, which is amazing, and extremely beneficial for my skin (said pimples) and my mood. Also, my period started today. This combined with fasting means that I am slowly heading towards the phase where I am at my optimum emotionally, physically and more balanced hormonally (the follicular phase, a few days after the start of my period for me).


It was a really good day in terms of energy levels: I went for a walk and I practised The Rocket II. Three days fasts are just so good to reset everything, one day fasts are amazing too, but something really amazing, healing and magical happens after 72 hours.

Day 4 / Friday 11.02.2022 8.22am:

This time is my favourite part of fasting: when the mind becomes very sharp and clear. It started a little bit yesterday, but in this morning pranayama and meditation I completely bathed in the clarity of mind which is often associated with fasting. Of course I still had thoughts racing in my mind, but staying focused on my breath and third chakra demanded less effort.

I also feel inspired and motivated. I have quite a few ideas , all of which seem to be the fruits of my morning meditations. It is a great feeling; I feel Springy :D. T