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15 Days Of Fasting (I think :D)

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

05.09.2021: Day One

I am starting what I intend to be a 15 days fast, it might shorter (as suggested in the title of this entry). We'll see. I want to keep going with the long fasts, but I also have to respect my body and spirit. The 12 days of fasting were a really great experience, so I want to keep practising long fasts regularly. Since the one in June, I have kept my one day a week of fasting and changed the three-day fast from every three months to once a month so that I could do the long fasts with the changes of seasons instead (every three months). So, here I am, three months later, embarking on another long fast.

I'm keeping a similar format to the last one, only extended: three days of juicing, three days of infusions, three days of dry fast, three days of clay fast and three days to ease back to eating (probably broken down into one day of drinking water, then one day infusions and last day juice and yogurt). At least I have a plan :).

06.09.2021: Day Two

Ok, I made it past the first day. It was pretty smooth, no hunger pains. I drank ginger and lemon water yesterday, and some grapefruit juice in the evening. I had taken a super hot and humid Bikram class (I must have left 5 litres of water in that room, no joke), and I felt super thirsty afterwards and craved some grapefruit juice - I didn't extract it, but I bought it 100% pressed.

Today I drank the ginger and lemon water again, I extracted some cucumber juice and I added it to the leftover grapefruit juice and drank that as well. I feel good, energised and clear-headed.

07.09.2021: Day Three

Last day of juice fast, I bought a beautiful celery and made myself a 750ml bottle of celery juice. I zipped on that throughout the day. I don't feel very thirsty, but I know I have to keep myself hydrated. I had a beautiful day, I spent some of it in the park by my new house (I moved on Sunday, the fast and the move are not related, they just coincided), laying in the grass and enjoying the last of summer time.

08.09.2021: Day Four

I didn't sleep much last night, it sometimes happens when I fast. One would think I would sleep more, I must look it up actually. I may not be the only one to experience this, it feels like I don't need as much sleep.

Today I am on the infusions, well, just one to be honest: I drank an infusion of baobab root all day, along with water. I feel a little strange, physically. I'm not sure if I am coming down with something or if it is simply due to the lack of shut eye.

09.09.2021: Day Five

A third of the way in. I feel a little off still, I don't know what's going on. It's difficult to explain exactly, but I know it is not related to the fasting. I don't feel hungry, I haven't felt hungry since I started to be honest. Today I drank another baobab infusion, a green tea and meadowsweet infusion and a nettle infusion.

My body has started to ache a little, out of nowhere. I didn't sleep well last night again, so it could have something to do with that. I have to wait and see.

10.09.2021: Day Six

Ok, I'm not well. The body aches turned into next level joint pain by the time it got to nighttime. I've had the flu before, but this was something else. I had lower back pain –something I never have – and chills. In short, it's not looking good.

I think I will end this fast short, even though I think fasting is also very good when I am sick. However, I intended to do 3 days of dry fasting starting tomorrow, but I want to stay hydrated right now.


I ended my fast today, even though I feel somewhat better. I slept really good last night, I had 9 hours of sleep! (I clearly needed to rest). I don't have any physical pain, aside of a massive headache. I am going to get tested for Covid-19 this afternoon, we'll see.

I ate some delicious coconut yogurt to break my fast first, then I had some blackberries, grapes & figs – all of which I picked myself from the trees around the neighbourhood – mixed with almond milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca powder & flaxseed.

I do have Covid-19, and I guess it is a good thing; my body can now build its natural immunity. I have to stay isolated until the 19th of September.