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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I just edited the paragraph I had on the English homepage for the yoga section of the website. Wow, it was a revelation. As I read through the very achievements based introduction of myself, I felt a little uncomfortable... As though someone else had written it. At the time I wrote that paragraph I had just come back to Seville, and I was looking for classes. I thought I needed to "market" myself and put my achievements at the forefront to impress in some way. I wouldn't call myself the best at "marketing". This very website and this blog have been a joyful yet slow process as I learn to put myself out there and that paragraph was very much a reflection of my state of mind. I did feel uncomfortable at the time because I was (and still am) self-conscious about promoting myself, and therefore relied on facts rather than essence as though to shield myself.

So, even though I feel like those words do not reflect me any more, as I read them, I remembered those months looking for classes in a new city and I realised how much my mindset has changed. The new paragraph is more concise and open, more about the book than the cover.

We continuously evolve and grow, and it's beautiful.

#selfpractice #growth #gratitude

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