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Sober October-Day 14: To Walk With God

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I do not believe in God, not the religious figure that is usually associated with the word. I actually find the word quite uncomfortable. I have come to realise that this comes from my upbringing (like most things :) Funnily enough I was not brought up catholic or any religion for that matter. My mum had been brought up by very strict catholic parents and, as a result, let my sister and I decide for ourselves which path we wanted to take.

I have always loved the subject of religion in history, but the concept of God was always very personal to me. I always felt that what I was "searching for" was very much inside of me and had a hard time understanding why one would worship outside themselves or worship at all for that matter.

Over the years and through the studying and practising of yogic philosophy I have found that Buddhism is probably the closest I would ever come to "practise" a religion. Even now, I don't consider Buddhism a religion, it is more a way of living (for me), a philosophy of life. One that resonates with me a lot.

The above definition of Bramacharya could also be written as : To Walk With God. I came across this definition today and for the first time I understood the resonance of the word God. It resonated within me, I felt connected to MY infinite consciousness.

#yamas #brahmacharya

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