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Sprained Ankle & More Fun Stories

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I sprained my ankle yesterday trying to be a skateboarding queen... Turns out I'm not :D

Or at least I wasn't then, I'm not giving up on the idea just yet even though spraining one's ankle is no fun whatsoever. Good thing I can laugh at myself, and I'm a pretty good sport in the face of adversity.

My ankle swelled up in less than 2 seconds and the fall sent electric shocks throughout my body. I was actually shaking for about 1 min. My friend had the presence of mind to get ice straight away, which saved me a lot of unnecessary pain and helped the swelling go down very fast. It has been an interesting weekend. I feel humbled obviously by the experience. Falling is rarely a nice process, physically or mentally. I went home and iced and rested. I couldn't put any weight on the injured ankle and found myself quite disabled, everything taking so much effort and being extremely time-consuming. Nonetheless, I decided to take it on the chin and put a smile on it.

I slept practically the whole day and night, something which was clearly needed. I also put turmeric on my ankle straight away and bandaged the entire thing. I take turmeric every day as a prevention and maintenance for my body. Turmeric is a wonderful spice which has many benefits; one of which being a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. My mum has rheumatoid arthritis and turmeric has been found to help with the treatment of such disease. My bestie Lynann and Norma-Jean first put me on to it about 8 years ago, and I have been taking it everyday ever since. Thanks Girls! 💜 It has helped me so much, the swelling is really down, and I was able to put weight on my foot today (being very very careful not to overdo it)

My yoga practice has been all about pranayama, meditation, santosha (contentment), ahimsa (compassion) and tapas (fiery cleansing). The last was definitely in the centre of my practice this weekend and continues to be as I discover my body and my mind once again.

I am grateful for both. I looked up natural remedies for my sprained ankle, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have looked after my body well when completely healthy so that now it gives me back and is healing. I always look for ingredients found in nature to care and cure my body. I put spirulina, maca, hemp and moringa in my breakfast, all of which support effective injury recovery. I also love essential oils and use them daily as well. I also found out that olive and castor oil are very good oils to use for treating injury, so I made a paste out of olive and castor oils, turmeric, lemon and lavender essential oils and I have been applying and changing it every ten hours. I am also using arnica and rosemary alcohol to put on my poor ankle. Both of which are super effective muscle pain reliever.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully feeling more grounded than today :)🌻

#mindfulness #recovery #healing #falling #gettingupagain #injured

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