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The Healing Ankle

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I practised my first rocket class in a little over a month since I twisted my ankle. Actually that is not true, I had a couple of practises shortly after I twisted it in Fuerteventura where I laid down and imagined myself move through the sun salutes and did some supine variations in the seated series. Today was the first practice where I could move through the sun salutations and the poses with my entire physical body. I have been missing it, moving without restrictions or in a more carefree manner.

It has been five weeks and my ligaments are still feeling fragile despite the strengthening exercises, Reiki and home-made creams regiment I have been living by. Did I mention patience is not one of my virtues? It's not. I knew that tendons and ligaments take a long time to recover due to the lack of blood flow reaching them, but I am struggling to accept this new body. I know it is a relatively small injury, but it has changed so much of my practice and day to day life in general. It's quite incredible really how it has affected me; Or maybe it hasn't, maybe it's only my old self hanging on to something that is just different for now.

And to be fair I am not complaining because I have been able to do a lot of things already. Even though I hadn't practised rocket in a few weeks, I have been practising bikram classes. Bikram was exactly what I needed coming back to Seville injured: the heat, the familiar yet always challenging sequence of balancing, lengthening and strengthening series of slow mindful movements and the detoxifying sweating which ensues. It's funny because I couldn't practise it in Fuerteventura, and I am coming back to it with a complete different body which forces me to modify some poses, going more easy in poses which were previously quite 'strong' for me. It is actually very interesting to be fully present during my healing process. Each class I see progress as I move ever slightly more mindfully than I did with a healthy ankle joint.

Tomorrow I am going back to swimming, I am very excited about that. I haven't swum in a while and I used to swim almost every day. I have been meaning to start again; twisting my ankle has been a great motivation factor as swimming is a great sport for this type of injury. So, all in all, twisting my ankle has been a blessing.

#healing #mindfulness #swimming

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