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Chin Stand & Birthday Blues

Updated: May 9

Footsteps on sandy beach

My birthday week extravaganza is officially over, and I am feeling the birthday blues today. I haven't felt like that in a very long time. I used to feel like that when I would return to school from holiday breaks. I still experience the blues when I come back from holiday, but never as intensely as today. To be honest, I don't really have anything to be sad about, I made the most out of my birthday and my time off, and I am coming back refreshed and grateful for all my wonderful friends and all the magical fun I had.

Prado Del Rey was so much fun. I arrived Friday morning to have breakfast with Gemma and Chechu. For one of my birthday presents, I was invited to a fiesta in the middle of the beautiful Andalusian mountains. We ate and drank until late to the sound of live flamenco music performed by Chechu's carnival band. It was incredible. Gemma and I went out to Prado to celebrate together. I spent Saturday doing Acro yoga, swimming and catching up with old friends, and I was later treated to a stunning tour of the neighbouring town of Bornos with Miguel and Carmen.

Bornos, Spain

Bornos, Spain

Bornos, Spain

To end my fabulous birthday week, I was invited to take Carl's yoga class in Suryalila. Carl is a yoga teacher I met when I was working at Suryalila; We got on straight away and I absolutely love his classes and his style of teaching. He owns Stretch yoga studio in London, and he comes once in a while to do trainings in Spain. He happened to have a training the same weekend as I was visiting, and he kindly invited me to the first yoga class of the training.

The class was really nice because it was all about grounding and feeling supported and connected to the earth. It was exactly what I need to end my birthday week; come back to my centre so that I could begin the week stable and rooted. The other highlight of the class was when Carl offered to practise chin stand. I don't really practise this pose but, probably because I wasn't thinking about it in the moment, I came into it. My legs just floated up, it was such a light feeling in my body and my mind.

So here I am, one year older and still feeling like a 17-year-old: fearless and adventurous and loving every moment of it.

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