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Hormone Yoga Therapy Teacher Training & How I Finally Got My Period Back

Updated: Apr 30

After being blessed with two cycles in January, I watched February come and go with no visible signs of a period. I say no visible signs, but I felt some changes in my mood and emotions. Around the beginning of February I started to feel a little lighter in my thoughts as well as the burgeoning desire to create and take part in something.

After practising the hormone yoga therapy every day for about 3 weeks, with the help of the YouTube video from Yoga Vidya Speyer, I memorised the sequence. I decided to take the online training with Shakti Simone Lehner (a biologist and yoga practitioner, facilitator and teacher trainer trained by Dinah Rodrigues and specialised in hormone therapy study). It was wonderful to learn more about hormone yoga therapy while continuing to practise the sequence daily. Combined with the book by Dinah Rodrigues, the teacher training was (and continues to be) a great source of information which allowed me to make more sense of my endocrine system, hormones and develop new tools to support their healthy functioning. I certified on March 10th, and I feel elated to have hormone yoga therapy in my tool box of self-care. I also look forward to share it with others.

By the time March rolled around I started to have extra energy along with more upbeat thoughts. Spring is always an uplifting time for me: the beginning of Aries season. I come alive all over again around my birthday, it is an amazing sensation: tingling in my fingertips and toes, butterflies of excitement for all the possibilities ahead (a stark contrast to what I experienced in the winter). The process of learning, researching and studying required for the teacher training challenged and nourished me mentally, physically and emotionally. And after two months of practice and teacher training, my period finally came today – exactly 2 months since I started practising hormone yoga therapy :D. I am delighted and relieved, my body feels energised while my mind is calmer and steadier. And I feel empowered: as intense and demanding as December and January were, I came out the other side because I trusted that I was capable of doing it. As intense as the feelings of hopelessness, despair and unworthiness were, I sat through it all and put the knowledge I have accumulated into practice during a time when a part of me just wanted to give up. I let myself experience, observe and learn from my darkness, believing (knowing) that something beautiful would come out of it all.

And it has: I am now certified to guide hormone yoga therapy and I feel inspired, motivated and hopeful. I went back to practising ashtanga vinyasa yoga and The Rocket at the beginning of March, my body was ready for the dynamic and light-hearted flow of those sequences again. I needed to take a break from it, but it is so invigorating to practise it again. Now I practise hormone yoga therapy 3–4 times a week and The Rocket twice a week. It suits me right now, and it is what this is about for me: to tune in to my needs and wants on any given day and just go with that flow.

Life is a continuous learning curve. Change is constant, and it is beautiful; because of that change I continuously adjust, grow, adapt and evolve. My essence remains the same, while I shift and expand around it. In two weeks I turn 45, and as always I am super excited for it. I am entering a new phase of my life and I look forward to what is about to come: the ups and the downs (because they will always be there) and the magically beautiful.

Self-portrait in Lagos

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