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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Happy Birthday to me! :D I love birthdays, particularly mine hahaha I am not really sure where it comes from, but I have always loved celebrating them. It's such a nice moment, to celebrate your own birth and your life since then. I always give myself presents on my birthdays, be it in the form of massages, trips, dinners, cards, silly little gifts or treats or time to myself. I love giving as much as I love receiving and, during my birthday, I get to do both at the same time :)

I turned 40 this year and I feel...myself. That's it, that's the most important, to feel like myself. I never cared about my age as a number (which is probably why I am still shamelessly celebrating it like a 12-year-old) because I had better things to do than worry about a number. I also never 'felt' like my age, whatever that means. I am definitely a youthful spirit with a lot of self-love (even if I don't always feel like that); I think I never felt my age because I was too busy feeling myself! Hahaha Here's to the wicked forties!

I also decided this year that I will be celebrating my birthday and myself every day of the year now. Most people do big birthday bashes for the 40th. My birthday day and weekend wasn't a massive bash, but I am giving myself time. I'll give myself a big bash at some other time in 2018, that's my big birthday present to me: a timeless birthday :) Loving the 40s already...

#40 #birthdaylove #selflove

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