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501 Training: Mastering The It's Yoga System, in practice.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I am back in Seville after spending two months in what has been like a second home in the past 18 months: Corralejo, Fuerteventura. I am in the process of observing and co-learning in some of the It's yoga trainings before I participate in the final part, 502 Training: BEING a Rocket® Trainer in 2018.

After I went home from the 501 training in December 2016 I made an 8 keys process for the year 2017:

My purpose for the year 2017 is to be present, content with what I already have, consistent and committed, clear about my goals, compassionate with myself and others and stay positive so that I can make my dreams come true, empower myself and others and move into the unknown with confidence. With this always in mind I have inner peace, harmony and freedom to flourish into a wholesome human being.

Wow, I hadn't read that in a minute. The 8 keys process has been a very powerful tool for me in the last year. I have been trying to get clarity for a while now; Since the beginning of 2015 after I moved to Spain if I think about it. I didn't know then that I would still be in Spain two years later. I wasn't aware of a lot of things then as I let myself linger in unkind thoughts towards myself and others and despair in general. I let myself stay there for a while, I needed to. Nonetheless, It wasn't long before my adventurous spirit came around and off I went on my way towards Fuerte@ventura. The theme for 2016 was change and, through the 301, 302 and 501 trainings, transformation. 2017 is about clarity, growth & love. When I wrote the purpose above I made the goal to co-learn on 2 200hr It's Yoga training, one 301 training and one 302 training in It's Yoga Fuerteventura with Salla. I am 2 months away from completing that goal as I am indeed returning for the 302.

It has been such a beautiful experience... Or, should I say, experiences as each training brings its own energy, dynamic, stories, backgrounds & knowledge. I have learned so much, I always do. I am so grateful to be able to revisit the material of each training and fully take it in with body and mind. Forever in training... Always learning, that is what brings me joy. To be able to participate in the trainings all over again has been such a gift to my being, my soul and I feel extreme gratitude for the journey so far.

Extracts from journaling during the trainings:

*200hr It's Yoga Training- Friday 19.05.2017

'...I am also learning a huge amount of very useful information as I participate in the training. I feel very grateful for the opportunity. I have been wanting to be a trainer for a while now. This training has shown me exactly why: sharing a common love is a beautiful gift. I am inspired every time we come into the circle. I feel humble, excited, enriched and joyful to witness each and every one of us building and growing our foundations into Beings. Thank you Salla, Monica, Bernadette and Florianne for being wonderfully blooming, empowered and inspirational women. Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.'