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Raphaëlle Romana


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Emelie Zwiebel

I enjoyed the retreat a lot. Since it has been the first there is nothing to really compare it to. I really enjoyed your classes, your positive, uplifting but calm energy is engaging. I felt a lot of progress during one week! I loved the combination of ashtanga/Rocket and yin. [...] Overall, I really really enjoyed exploring different poses and flexibility with your guidance -it was the right amount of challenge without being overwhelming - the sound bowls, little massages, meditations etc were all wonderful. Your guidance throughout the classes was on point and also I found your music choice very fitting.

(Tallín, Estonia)

Raphaëlle is an inspiring, experienced and encouraging yoga facilitator and teacher trainer with a beautiful, peaceful and light-hearted energy. I love to practice with her and my previous class I had was an online private class (full primary series). Before the private class she asked my thoughts and if there was something  I would like to spend more time with, to set a focus or intention. I found it really helpful and it made the practice whole.I have been also in Raphaëlle's group classes and I can fully from my heart recommend it all. She has a deep knowledge on the alignment and the postures so every time I learn something new. She is able to create a safe and supportive space which I feel that allows me to go through my own process and transformation. Thank you Raphaëlle, looking forward to practice with you again. 

(Vienna, Austria)

Online classes with Raphaëlle are the next best thing short of being in her class in person. I have taken her classes since 2017 including a 200hr teacher training and I have taken private online classes about twice a week during corona. To say that Raphaëlle is gifted would not do justice to the fact that her knowledge clearly comes from experience, of which she has plenty. She knows her anatomy- that of the body, the mind and soul, how to link them together, allowing strength, openness and freedom to emerge breath by breath. She inspires me on and off the mat- to be gentle and playful, as well as having focus and determination. Her presence and classes are a gift I am truly grateful for, and I can only wish for others to experience it for themselves.

(Sevilla, España)

Desde el primer día transcurrían las clases envueltas en una atmósfera de calma, precisión y misterio, y en esa atmósfera mi cuerpo despertaba de nuevo al bienestar y descanso profundo. Muchas gracias Raphaëlle.

Barbara Casey
(Dublin, Ireland)

Many thanks for your inspiration, teaching, friendship & laughs... Wishing you continued success and happiness in whatever path in life you take.

Paqui Munoz
(Prado Del Rey, España)

Gracias Raphaëlle, por ayudarme a volar. ¡Le he mandado la foto a mis hijos y no salen de su asombro!!

Melissa Marquez Perea
(Prado Del Rey, España)

¡Muchas gracias! ¡Fue una clase diferente, como dijo Lili, y además muy divertida!!!

Sinead Connor
(Dublin, Ireland)

Thank you so much for your wonderful beautiful presence and teachings! Om Shanti

(Prado Del Rey)

Tus clases de yoga han sido una revelación para mí. Eres una profesora excelente en todos los aspectos. Y además una persona muy especial y con mucha energía positiva.

Marta Fraga
(Dublin, Ireland)

Big thanks Raphaëlle!! Without your patience (+5 days to get hands/arms ready for eagle position???) and encouragement (don't bend the knee!!) I would not have been able to complete my first (hopefully not last) 30 days challenge. You are a great motivator and I'll miss your classes.

Carole Vecten
(Umbrete, España)

Y primero le di las gracias a mi profesora de yoga, Raphaëlle Romana. He tenido la gran suerte, el privilegio de recibir dos horas de clase particular de hatha yoga, en “La Maison”, en mi casa con una profesora concienzuda en la técnica y en la alineación del cuerpo, experimentada, apasionada y humilde. No podía pedir más en estas dos horas de práctica: [...] el sonido de mi respiración profunda, la agradable sensación de conectar con mi cuerpo, el descubrir nuevas asanas, sentirme arropada y guiada por esta talentosa y detallista profesora, empezar el dia con suavidad y sentir aún más paz y sonrisa interior.

“¡De nuevo, gracias Raphaëlle y Enhorabuena por haber llegado tan joven a tal nivel de conocimiento y de práctica de yoga!

(Corralejo, Fuerteventura)

It was a pleasure to practise with you, I achieved so much in such a short time. You transmit so much confidence to me, thank you.

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