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Where Have I Been?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

All over the place & without a working laptop.

I thought I had posted something in March at least, but I now see that my last entry was on February 8th.

So much has happened in the last three months, it has been amazing. I am currently back in France since last Thursday, but I am leaving on Tuesday. April and May have been non-stop travelling; I finally left France on the 2nd of April and headed to Portugal where I spent my birthday and the entire month in fact (with a whirlwind pit stop in Ibiza). I then headed to Fuerteventura for the week-long yoga retreat I was hosting over there, and ended up staying an extra week before setting off to Seville to give classes at one of the studio I used to teach at (my friend and studio owner is expecting her second child and she asked me to come and teach so she can take it a little bit easier in her last trimester). This is where I am returning to on Tuesday and I will be there until the end of July, until the studio closes for August. I am planning to spend August in Toulouse to teach at La Peniche again. :)

What a crazy beautiful ride it has been. Adventures after adventures, just how I like it :D

Back dated posts will be following shortly to fill in the blanks of the last few months; keeping blog entries up to date while also enjoying life ain't no easy task. Even though I love having this space to express myself and share some stories, not having a functioning laptop was a welcome excuse to do the bare minimum online and be carefree.

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