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My 2017 In Books

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I definitely did not read enough this year and my reading list is well, mainly yoga books, again. Thankfully my mate Anna saved the day by sending me the only non yoga book on this list. I need to get out more. Please feel free to give me suggestions.

The following book is a book I am forever reading and re-reading. I love the way Sri Satchidananda tells the stories.

Another book I love and keep re-reading. Great meditation practices.

This book is really easy to read, and I love the illustrations in it. Great for the anatomy.

Yet another yoga book. One of my favourites, lots of great info about the poses and their benefits, easy read.

The following book is my favourite book this year, so so easy to read and Thich Nhat Hanh is profound in the simplest way possible. Absolutely loved it. A book to read over and over again.

And finally, the only non yoga book (I really, really need to get out more). Interesting read, well written and funny at times. I haven't finished it yet as I only received it on the 24th of December, but I find most of the characters annoying to be honest. Nonetheless, it is a good book. I would read some of his other stuff. I just find the subject quite sad and somewhat pathetic.

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