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Premier Cours De Yoga Enseigné En Français

Updated: Apr 26

I haven't lived in France for 20 years now; I have officially spent more than half my life outside my country of birth. I never felt connected to France, and I had thoughts of travelling and learning new languages very early on in my teenage years. I eventually left home shortly after I turned 19, although I didn't venture too far to begin with: just across the channel to the UK. I was always attracted to the English language and I wanted to speak it fluently, so I went out there and learned it. Today it is the language I feel the most comfortable speaking, the second is Spanish.

I have lost my affinity to the French language along the years, and it felt extremely awkward to teach in French, even though it was a great experience. It is so interesting to notice how the brain adjusts itself. Obviously I haven't lost my French (although I found myself having to think a bit harder at times) but I have definitely lost my connection to it. I felt like the person talking was not me, like a stranger speaking the words through me.

Charlotte and Aude (two students from Belgium) assured me that it would be ok to teach in Spanish or English, however I wanted the experience so that I could see how I would get on and Aude thanked me after class for making the effort as she said it saved her from looking around a lot; Something she would have had to do, had I taught in Spanish.

Although I do not really have the need to teach in French right now, it is definitely something I want to nurture more. Yoga came into my life after I had left France and I only ever guided classes in English or Spanish. From time to time I have given adjustments in French for the odd French person in class, but I had never taught a full class. It was really fun although awkward and challenging because I felt a little out of my element, but I love me a good challenge :D

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